How to Setup Google Analytics in your website 2021

Google Analytics

Hello, friends are you struggle to set up an install a Google  Analytics account in 2021. We all know all in  2021 there is some problem to create a Google Analytics account, don’t worry. If you read the whole article I assure you. You don’t need to go to another website. Before we begin let’s … Read more

This is part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program


Hey, friends in today blog I will talk about my 2.0 version basically this is the Digital Deepak internship program and  I’ll share my 2.0 version. 2026: Rahul becomes a successful digital Marketing freelancer and becomes a social media expert. He has not become a world social media expert. He has only become the best … Read more

Will Marketing Ever Rule the World?

Will Marketing Ever Rule the World?

Hello, friends today I will talk about Will Marketing Ever Rule the World. The answer is Yes as we all know how much Marketing is very important in any industry. so friends without wasting any time let’s started. And first, we talk about what is Marketing. So before we started let’s talk about a very … Read more