How to Setup Google Analytics in your website 2021

Hello, friends are you struggle to set up an install a Google  Analytics account in 2021. We all know all in  2021 there is some problem to create a Google Analytics account, don’t worry. If you read the whole article I assure you. You don’t need to go to another website.

Before we begin let’s talk about what is Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is basically a free tool(or with an option to pay for upgraded features) but most of you do not need it. Google Analytics help the website owners to get a very deep insight into their audience how the people engaging with their website.

Some example of reports, and you could see in Google Analytics like the acquisition reports that show you who is your new users and Real-time which means how many users in your website is right now. Google Analytics is very deep if you learn more you can go to The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics. They explain very deeply.

How to create a Google Analytics account

Before we begin you need a Google account and most probably you have if not then please create a google account.

1 If you are still logged into your Google account. Then you click here Google Analytics.

2 Click on the “Start for free” button at the top right, and you will be redirected to a new page.

Google Analytics

3 Click on the “Start measuring” button in the middle of the page.

Google Analytics

4 Now you have to give the “Account Name”(Required) and then make sure you click all the term and condition of  Google Analytics and then click the next button.

Google Analytics

5 After you give the “Property Name” and then choose Time zone, Currency and then click “Next”.

Google Analytics

6 Give the Business Information it’s your business-related and then “Create”.

Google Analytics

7   And then you first have read terms service agreement and choose Country and then tick the bottom in the middle.

Google Analytics

8 And also click this button you seeing in below and click “I Accept”.

Google Analytics

9 And wait for some second, and you see “Choose a platform”. Choose any platform whatever you want, but We want web So we click “Web” which means Website.

Google Analytics

10  Here you have to give your Website URL and  Stream name where you want to install Google Analytics code and then click “Create stream”.

Google Analytics

11  After that You are almost done You have to click the “Google site tag(gtag.js).

Google Analytics

12 Now you will copy the unique tracking code that will need to be applied to your website.

Google Analytics

How to install the Tracking code

I hope you successfully copy the tracking code, and you might be thinking about how I install the tracking code and where I paste the code. Don’t worry I’ll tell you

For WordPress Website:-

First If you have a WordPress Website then you need not worry you just simply go to WordPress and then go to the plugging and then search Insert Header and Footers and Install the plugin and go to the plugin and paste the Google Analytics code in the Header and save the setting.

For Without WordPress Website

If you are not using WordPress Website and you don’t know about codding. Then you do not paste your code to your own. You can ask your developer and the developer will paste the code and all done you are now successfully install your Google Analytics code.


In this article, You have just learned how to add Google Analytics to your website whether your website is WordPress or not. That’s it if you like my article so don’t forget to comment here.

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